Better DNA sequencing results by improving trace processing


State of the art capillary DNA sequencers such as the ABI 3730xl and MegaBACE 4000 can produce trace reads that are longer than 1200 base pairs. Unfortunately, these long reads typically suffer from excessive peak broadening and poor resolution in the later part of the trace and which are associated with low quality base calls and large numbers of errors.

Enormous research has gone into increasing the read length of sequencing traces over the last 15 years. Some of the new products to come out of this research include the ABI 3730xl sequencer, BigDye DNA sequencing mix, TempliPhi linear DNA amplification kit, and the KB base calling software. While these products have improved DNA sequencing read length there is still great demand for further improvements.

LongTrace DNA sequencing system

Nucleics has developed a new approach for increasing sequencing read length though better trace data processing (LongTrace). Nucleics has developed DNA sequencing algorithms and software that enable 15% to 20% more Q20+ bases to be obtained from each sequencing trace. This data processing is fully compatible with traces collected on ABI 3730 and ABI 3730xl DNA sequencing instruments with the 36 cm and 50 cm capillary arrays. Upon reprocessing the traces are base and quality called using the ABI KB base caller thus providing a completely seamless workflow to the individual scientist.

Before LongTrace processing

Before longTrace processing

After LongTrace processing

after longtrace processing

The LongTrace DNA sequencing algorithms and software is offered as both a web-based LongTrace process service where users can upload their trace files to our secure server for re-processing, and as a standalone version (LongTrace:Box). With both systems The trace filesare processed using the LongTrace DNA sequencing software before final base calling using the ABI KB base caller for use in any downstream applications.

For more on the LongTrace DNA sequencing service, or any of Nucleics other DNA sequencing reagents and software products, please visit the LongTrace DNA sequencing service or LongTrace:Box pages.